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Review of Refog Personal Monitor

#3 in rating


Easy to use, rich functionality, available in 12 languages.


Cannot restrict certain websites visiting and programs starting. You will not find the logon password in the log-files.


Refog Personal Monitor is a perfect software for PC monitoring and parental control. It is excellent, user-friendly, multi-purpose software. The product will record everything type on the keyboard, the history of visited web sites, Chats and Social Network Conversations, Skype chats and Skype voice conversations, and much more. With this tool, you will know what programs were launched and for how long. The program can also record all Skype voice calls and chats, so you could be sure that no one molests your children. Custom stop-phrase list enables you to receive an alert immediately as soon as a suspected threat is detected.

That's why this product is recommended to all the groups of users. It captures plenty of information for you to be sure that your PC is used properly. Besides, it is suitable for remote monitoring.

Installation & Interface

Right after clicking on setup file offers us to choose one of the 4 (English, French, German, Spanish) setup languages that is in our opinion it a really a good approach to the user. The rest of the installation process is not so interesting and is pretty typical. Here are the screens you will need to pass through in order to have Refog Personal Monitor installed:Welcome → EULA → Product Information → Select destination Location → Select Additional Tasks (create desktop icon, install quick help) → Ready to Install → Finish

Once the setup is over and the keylogger is launched, Settings Wizard starts. This Wizard allows users to quickly and easily configure Refog Personal Monitor. What we like is that these steps not necessarily should be passed through at the time of Wizrd's first start. You can easily do this later as Wizard can be started from Tools → Settings Wizard. Additional sign of a good approach to the user.

As for the interface it is also very good. In brief, it is easily understandable, nice-looking and user friendly. Both keylogger's customization options and logged information are grouped into categories and can be found easily. The verdict $mdash; nicely done!


OS Support

According to Refog's website Personal Monitor supports all the operation systems listed in our comparison. No glitches in its work were found by us during the testing on Windows 7 and Windows 10. So, 102 out of 102 points!


Refog Personal Monitor is password-protected and can be accessed by both typing the keyword and pressing the hotkey combination. User can configure the text of the warning message and turn on or off its appearing. Unfortunately its folder can be found by users and the software cannot be setup to be uninstalled on a pre-specified date. So, 100 out of 125 points.


The results of Refog Personal Monitor in this section force us to ask some questions. For example, why it logs all the file activity monitoring, except the files' creation? Especially if take into account that the information about applications' start can be found in the log. Why user's logging off time is detected, but logging on is not? Perhaps only developers can answer...

Anyway, almost all the rest of the features in this section are fully implemented. User can configure screenshots-making interval and their quality. He can configure the keylogger to make them on every mouse click. So as to configure whether to photo the entire screen or an active window only. Refog Personal Monitor perfectly logs mouse-clicks, keystrokes and clipboard content. Moreover, it can effectively use microphone and webcam- to record surrounding sounds and images.

Unfortunately, you will not find the logon password in the log-files of this keylogger. In total — 282 out of 340 points.

Online Monitoring

In this section Refog Personal Monitor shows almost perfect results. It logs visited URLs in all the browsers except Safari, intercepts both sides of chat conversations in all messengers except Skype. It also has a feature of making screenshots of the visited websites, but unfortunately doesn't log the text of neither sent nor received emails.

Websites Visited
Websites Visited

Still result is a very good — 148 out of 176.


With the help of Refog Personal Monitor one can configure which of the users and programs to monitor, when to clear the log files automatically and their maximum size. Analyzing them will also not be a trick as user can customize not only the period for viewing, but also perform a keyword search. One more important thing is that Refog Personal Monitor is capable of sending the log-files to a pre-specified email address or FTP server. Unfortunately, it cannot store them in LAN environment or flush to a USB flash drive. One more thing missing in reports is events' duration as Personal Monitor stores information about only the events' happening time, not about their duration. 107 out of 150 points.


Unfortunately, this section is the worst for Refog Personal Monitor. It doesn't have features of websites' and programs' blocking and cannot work on schedule. Among the good news - real-time remote viewing and keylogger’s “Alarms” feature. It allows the user to specify a list of keywords for Perosnal Monitor to watch after. Once the keylogger detects any of this keywords, it will send user an email to a pre-specified address. One of other Personal Monitor's strong points in this section, is its availability at 11 languages: English, Brazilian, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Turkish.


All this gives Refog Personal Monitor 39 out of 108 points in this section.

The Bottom Line

Refog Personal Monitor is a keylogger with great approach to the user. Majority of the languages available, intuitive user interface and attention to the details by its developers allow us to recommend it to all the groups of users. Because of its rich functionality we cannot limit this keylogger by any specific areas of use. So, Refog Personal Monitor is recommended for any type of monitoring!

Points total: 778 out of 1001

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